Traveling Down Under

Australia, depending on your perspective, is either the world's smallest continent, or its largest island. Looking at a map, it seems reasonable to circumnavigate it in a car in a matter of a few weeks.  But appearances are deceiving.  Distances between cities are huge, and, even in the Northern Territory, where there are no speed limits, it takes a long time to get from here to there.

It was not until I saw this map that Australia was put into perspective for me:


I’ve traveled to Australia four five times now, and am leaving on another trip in a few weeks.  Why do I keep going?  I love the scenery, the animals, and the openness and wildness of it all. I love the flowers in the spring, and squawking of the parrots.  I love the wallabies grazing in suburban gardens at night.  I love the crash of the surf on a deserted beach.  I love the clear skies at night.   And, most importantly, some of my best friends live there.

On the following pages are excerpts from my Christmas letters, in which I wrote about my travels in Australia, other bits from my travel diaries, and lots of photos I took on my trips there.

My trips from 1997, 2000 and 2002 can be linked to in the toolbar above.  The 2003 page contains photos of whale sharks and other marine creatures that Christobel sent me. Later trips can be linked to either above or by clicking on the years below:



Also visit my Australia blog at “luba down under.”


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