While I was visiting Brisbane, Jean-Michele was kind enough to take me out on a day trip to Byron Bay, a chi-chi little town on the cost to the south.  Far away from the tasteless kitsch of the Gold Coast, it is a quiet little town with a few trendy shops where you can often see celebrities getting away from it all.

Outside of town is Byron Heads, a bit of land and rocks that juts out into the Pacific ocean, and is the easternmost bit of Australia. There is only open water between it and the western coast of South America.

Even though all the schoolies were back in class in Queensland, those in NSW still had a few days left in their winter break.  All of them seemed to be trying to park at the Byron Heads lighthouse.  We finally found a spot, though, and had a nice sunny walk out to the precipice overlooking the sea.

I saw a pod of dolphins frolicking below, and watched a distant what approach the coast with a young one in tow.  She didn’t get very close, but did scare off the kayakers who had been gathering below.

Byron Bay, NSW