(A family get-together in Zolotonosha, Ukraine)

Family recipes

Our family loves to get together, both here and in Ukraine.  When the American Petrushas get together, there are often almost forty of us. We have our favorite foods, which we make from year to year.

The recipes run the gamut from traditional Ukrainian, to gourmet (from magazines and restaurants), to traditional American, and to odd things I’ve picked up in my travels. My family does enjoy spice and variety.  We love the old favorites, but it’s not a real family get-together if we don’t try something new out as well.

I’m trying to collect these recipes for all to share.  If my fellow Petrushas would like to add theirs, please e-mail them to me.

Click on the underlined names of the food items below to click through to recipe pages.  If you just want to download the recipe, click on the word  “recipe” to download the pdf file.


            Roasted Garlic (recipe)

            Layered Nacho Dip (recipe)


            Borshch (recipe)

            Pomidornyk (recipe)


            Christobel’s Glazed Carrots (recipe)

            Vera’s Roasted Carrots

            Aunt Nina’s Fresh Pickles (recipe)

            Aunt Sonia’s Broccoli & Cheese Bake (recipe)

            Laurie’s Broccoli & Cheese Bake (recipe)

            Beth’s Corn Casserole (recipe)         


            Aunt Susie’s Spinach Salad (recipe)

            Melody's Salad (recipe)


            Baba’s Hrin (recipe)

Fish Dishes:

            Oseledets (Pickled herring) (recipe)

            Oseledets pid Shuboyu (recipe)

            Sviat Vechir fish 1 (recipe)

            Sviat Vechir fish 2 (recipe) 

Meat Dishes:

            Chicken Satay  (recipe)           

            Lavinia’s Chinese Barbecue Ribs  (recipe)        

            Tony’s Chili (recipe)

            Kapusta (bigos) (recipe)

            City Chicken (recipe)

            Meatballs (recipe)


            Spicy Peanut Noodles (recipe)

            Pad Thai (recipe)


            Bacardi Rum Cake (recipe)

            Amish Bread Pudding (recipe)


            Bailey's Irish Cream (recipe)  

            Killer Punch  (recipe)


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