I first visited Wisconsin when I was two months old.  My mother and father took me there to visit my grandparents shortly after my birth.  They (my mother’s parents) lived on a dairy farm just outside of Neillsville, Wisconsin, near the geographical center of the state.   They had bought the farm several years earlier, in 1953; to me, it was always an enchanted place.

I visited the farm at least annually until 1974, when my grandparents retired and sold it. It remained a pleasant memory, and retains a special place in my imagination. I’ve gone back to visit several times since.  The first time was in 1979, when I was visiting a friend in Marshfield, only a few miles away.  That was when I first met Dan Clark, who had bought the farm and was running a dairy farm.  He loved the farm as much as I did, and was fascinated by its history.

I now try to stop in any time I am in the vicinity.  I’ve acquired a lot of friends who live in Wisconsin, so I’ve had more opportunities.  I went back again in 2003 and, in 2005, not only spent a night in my old room, but got taken on a hay ride.

It is still a magical place.

For old photos from the farm, go here.  Some of my Wisconsin photos are still on my old site here.

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